We offer to you personal or group lessons with professional kite instructors with many years of experience. Any level of training – from beginners to athletes. The cost of the lesson starts from 45€.


    In our kite center you will find CABRINHA KITE equipment for rent. Kites from 5 meters to 15 meters available. Boards from 136cm to 155cm available. The rental price starts from 50€.


    If you want to come to Dahab with your own equipment, you can store it in our center. We always have fresh water and a storage place closed from the sun 24/7. You can store the equipment for 1 day or a year.

    Kitesurf in Dahab

    Since the dawn of the new millennium, Five Squares has been synonymous with premium quality and exceptional service. We’re unwavering in our pursuit to delight our guests with state-of-the-art gear, expert instruction, attentive personal service, and an open invitation to exhilarating experiences on the waves.

    Imagine yourself kiting in Dahab, where a fleet of 45 Cabrinha boards and 60 kites awaits your command.

    Our Dahab station is a kitesurfer’s paradise with ample space dedicated to catching wind, alongside a cozy corner for kitesurfing aficionados. At our kite hub, security meets convenience with monitored storage featuring 100 boxes at your disposal. Rental equipment is neatly housed within reach, while a classroom beckons with video analysis and training tools for those eager to learn. Step into a space designed for comfort – an office fused seamlessly with a chill-out spot at the forefront of our station. On hand are services like landing aid, compressor use, and fresh water facilities—everything you need is right here.


    Dive into an extensive selection of kite surfing courses tailored for every skill level—from novices just starting out to seasoned experts looking to refine their art—all set within our expansive kiting lagoon. This tide-influenced haven measures approximately 300 x 500 meters—ideal terrain for both beginners mastering basics and advanced riders polishing techniques.

    For those intermediates still mastering altitude retention? You’re in capable hands here too. Multilingual instruction by VDWS-certified trainers ensures that language isn’t a barrier when it comes to upping your game on the water.



    Have you ever felt the rush of the wind as it carries you across the water, power harnessed beneath your kite?

    In kite area, just beyond where the windsurfers carve their arcs, there’s a realm of unbridled space for independent kiters. Discover a world where your kite dances in the peaceful lee.

    Remember though, kitesurfing in Lagoon is not on the cards; it’s a no-fly zone.


    Now imagine this: You’re out there, riding the breeze and suddenly you need assistance. That’s why we insist on an extra layer of security – walkie talkies. They’re part of our rental package because your safety isn’t up for negotiation; it’s embedded in our service along with continuous support from our dedicated kite boys ready to help with your every launch and landing. A compressor for easy inflation, fresh water showers to rinse off after a session, and secure storage for gear? We’ve got all that covered.

    But here’s something you should know – these offerings come hand-in-hand with being part of our community at our station.

    And when it comes to safety? We don’t just follow standards; we set them. Quick communication equals quick response times ensuring that every windsurfer and kiter under our watch can feel confident they’re in safe hands.

    So why wait?

    Dive into an experience where freedom meets security at every turn!