March 8, 2024


    Summer Vacation Report by Marco Livraghi, Italy:


    Planning summer vacations can be a challenging task, as we seek a destintion with ideal wind conditions, warm weather, excellent hospitality, affordability, and easy accessibility. Sometimes finding a place that meets all these criteria feels like a daunting task. Reflecting on my fantastic experience from the previous year, I made the decision to return to Dahab, Sinai, Egypt!

    While the commercial appeal remains consistent, various elements such as company, accommodation, and the local ambiance evolve, eliciting different emotions. Additionally, the geopolitical landscape may undergo changes.

    It is important to note that Dahab, much like the rest of the Sinai tourist region, has always maintained a calm and comfortable atmosphere, free from any disturbances.

    Dahab certainly did not disappoint in terms of windy days. I found myself utilizing my personal sails (ranging from 4.0 to 5.2) for a remarkable 42 consecutive days, starting from August 4 to September 14 – an impressive statistic!

    One prevalent myth that should be dispelled is the belief that Egypt is excessively hot during the summer months. In reality, there are few sweltering days. I witnessed numerous children regretting not bringing wetsuits, and the coolness during daytime strolls was truly refreshing.

    When visiting Dahab, a must-visit destination is the legendary Blue Lagoon, offering unforgettable experiences. Accessible by boat, camel, or a long car journey down a dusty road, a day spent in this windy and exceptionally flat lagoon can provide a sense of peace and connection with nature.

    Venturing to spend a night there, in a sleeping bag, clad in a wet swimsuit after a moonlit night excursion, waking up just 5 meters from the picturesque lagoon is an experience like no other. After indulging in a breakfast featuring Bedouin tea, tomatoes, feta, French fries, and Bedouin bread, you can hit the water with a 4.8 or 4.4 sail, ready for another thrilling day of windsurfing.


    Dahab Travel Guide from Marco:

    – Lagoon: At high tide, a fantastic spot with chop on the left and powerful gusts on the right. During low tide, the lagoon becomes small and crowded with beginners.

    – Kite Lagoon: Somehow, the wind is always a bit stronger here – a shame that kiters dominate it! However, everything is allowed until 9 am…

    – Speedy: The water is turquoise, allowing you to surf just two meters from the shore, with flat water – perfect for maneuvering on the starboard tack.

    – Baby Bay: A small bay ideal for maneuvering on both tacks! There’s a powerful gust on the right and two different conditions on the left: calm during low tide and a small chop at high tide.

    – Kamikaze: When you’ve had your fill of calm water, take on the challenge of the reef to reach Kamikaze, in the channel. On the worst days, there can be chop up to three meters in panettone mode. It’s best not to venture here alone.

    – Napoleon Reef: During high tide, you can surf right on the outer coral reef – incredible conditions with a stunning right wall!


    There’s suitable accommodation for every budget! You can opt for an Egyptian apartment in the city center or a semi-European house near the lagoon. Numerous hotels are available, offering more affordable options in the city and upscale choices just 10 meters from the action for those seeking more luxury.

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