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    The exact origins of kitesurfing in the land of the pharaohs and pyramids remain unclear, but it is certain that during the early 21st century, adventurous and carefree individuals, unburdened by family or office responsibilities, flocked to Egypt for kitesurfing. Since around 2010, with the development of kite infrastructure and industry, kitesurfing in the Red Sea has become accessible to all, playing a significant role in Egypt’s tourism industry.

    Egypt and kitesurfing are a match made in heaven. With excellent wind conditions year-round, a pleasant climate, shallow waters, and warm turquoise seas, Egypt has become sacred for kitesurfers. The majority of local kitesurfing spots are situated along the Red Sea coast, although there are also opportunities to kitesurf in the Mediterranean Sea to the north, with more consistent winds in winter.


    Kitesurfing Seasons in Egypt

    Egypt experiences two distinct wind seasons: spring and autumn. The spring kitesurfing season typically kicks off in March and extends through mid-June. In March and April, the water can still be cool, requiring a long wetsuit for comfort, while temperatures range around +25 to +27 degrees Celsius. By May and June, riders can enjoy kiting in shorts and swimsuits as the air warms up to a pleasant +33 degrees Celsius.

    The autumn kitesurfing season in Egypt begins in mid-August and lasts until the November holidays. Water temperature remains warm at the start, necessitating a wetsuit only during early mornings or evenings. As November approaches, temperature cools off, requiring a hoodie for evening sessions.




    If your vacation doesn’t align with the windy seasons, don’t worry. December and February still offer kitesurfing opportunities in Egypt, albeit with fewer windy days. Activities such as kayaking, hiking, wakeboarding, diving, desert motocross, and excursions to Luxor or Giza can fill any windy lulls during these months.

    Most kitesurfing spots in Egypt are concentrated along the western coast of the Red Sea, likely due to the dense population and developed tourist infrastructure. Below are some of the most popular kite spots you can find in Egypt.





    Dahab is a quaint, authentic town situated on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, just a one-hour drive from Sharm El Sheikh Airport. Initially renowned as a windsurfing destination, Dahab has become a hub for kitesurfers as well. The focal point for kitesurfing in Dahab is the Dahab lagoon, which is divided into two sections: the “puddle,” ideal for beginners learning in waist-deep water, and the “speedy” zone catering to windsurfers and kiters. Additionally, a wave spot near the lagoon in the open sea provides thrilling wave riding experiences during strong winds.

    Dahab boasts superior wind statistics compared to Hurghada, thanks to the climatic influence of the nearby mountains of the Sinai Peninsula. The thermal wind effect generated by the warm mountains enhances the overall wind flow, boosting wind speeds beyond the forecasted levels. Unlike the tourist-centric Hurghada and luxury-laden El Gouna, Dahab exudes simplicity, authenticity, and a welcoming atmosphere akin to a village. Adjustments for thermal wind are advised when checking the forecast to ensure maximum kiting enjoyment.


    Blue Lagoon

    North of Dahab lies another exceptional kite spot along the coast known as Blue Lagoon. This lagoon, separated from the sea by a sandy spit, features perfectly flat water with strikingly intense colors reminiscent of copper sulfate.There are small Bedouin-style straw and reed bungalows Surrounding the lagoon where visitors can stay, possibly even ordering food from nearby Bedouin establishments. This spot is recommended primarily for skilled riders with personal equipment due to the lack of organized kite stations and predominantly deep waters. While a narrow strip of shallow water offers training opportunities, caution is advised due to occasional groupings of sea black urchins in the area.

    There is minimal infrastructure, such as shops, ATMs, or gas stations around Blue Lagoon, necessitating visitors to come prepared for an extended stay and embrace a digital detox without internet access.



    Hurghada was among the first cities in Egypt to welcome kitesurfers, with enthusiasts initially congregating at windsurf stations in the early 2000s. As the sport gained popularity, kite stations began sprouting up along Hurghada’s northern coast, offering ample opportunities for kitesurfing.

    While fewer kite stations are located in the southern part of the city due to coastal obstacles hindering consistent wind conditions, Hurghada’s beaches are characterized by shallow waters and onshore winds, making it an ideal setting for learning kitesurfing. The city’s popularity among kiters is also attributed to its convenient location near an international airport, making it easily accessible for visitors. With its shallow waters conducive to kitesurfing and well-developed tourist infrastructure, Hurghada offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience for kitesurfers traveling with friends or family.


    El Gouna

    Located just half an hour north of Hurghada, El Gouna is often referred to as the Egyptian Venice by tourists. This charming town attracts travelers and kiters from around the world with its cozy atmosphere, safety, scenic canals, and fusion of European and Arabic cultures.

    In El Gouna, like in Hurghada, the prevailing wind direction is from the North, and the shallow coastline makes it an ideal spot for training and kayaking. Another highlight of El Gouna is its well-developed infrastructure, which includes a range of hotels, shops, cafes, and restaurants. The city is known for its cleanliness, uniform architectural style, and excellent service at tourist spots and kite stations.

    El Gouna truly is a kitesurfer’s paradise. The wind conditions are consistently excellent year-round, with kite stations operating 365 days a year. There’s generally a bit more wind here compared to Hurghada. Even on calmer days, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as cable wakeboarding at the Sliders Cable Park, a motorcycle track, tennis courts, stables, and diving opportunities.



    Northern Islands and Kite Safari in Egypt

    Kite safari is a fantastic and immersive way to train and enjoy kitesurfing. A week-long yacht excursion to the northern islands of Hurghada, including Tawila, Geysun, Ashrafi, Gebel, and Abu Monkar, offers ideal conditions for this water sport from morning till evening.

    The northern reef islands boast perfect flat and shallow turquoise waters on the leeward side, making them ideal for kitesurfing. Beginners will need appropriate gear at all spots, as despite the sandy bottom, there are sharp shells and occasional remnants of dead corals. Typically, the wind blows stronger in the northern islands than in El Gouna and Hurghada.

    kitesurf -safari-egypt

    Marsa Alam

    Marsa Alam, a picturesque tourist town in southern Egypt, is not only a kitesurfing haven but also a paradise for diving, freediving, and snorkeling. Visitors often flock here to catch a glimpse of dugongs, distant relatives of sea cows resembling seals or walruses.

    Kitesurfing spots along the Red Sea coast toward Marsa Alam offer both wild and organized options, with more developed kite stations closer to the city and Port of Ghalib, many owned by Germans and Poles. Wind conditions are generally less favorable in this southern region compared to the north.


    Safaga and Soma Bay

    Safaga features a rocky coastline with limited areas of shallow water, requiring boat trips to sandbanks or to Soma Bay for kite training.

    Egypt uniquely blends comfortable weather, consistent winds, diverse marine life in the Red Sea, warm local hospitality, and a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, drawing in countless wind enthusiasts to its shores annually.



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