How to choosing your first wingfoil wing?

    February 10, 2024

    Here are some basic tips for beginners when choosing your first wingfoil wing.

    The price of a wingfoil wing plays a crucial role in decision-making. As a professional sport, wingfoil requires high-quality materials, which can increase the cost. When choosing a wing, it’s important to consider multiple factors simultaneously.

    In the wing world, top-level manufacturers like Duotone, Ozone, Core, Flysurfer, North, and Airush offer wings with excellent characteristics and high-quality materials. These manufacturers often experiment with the latest generation materials such as SLS, Alula, and X-ply, positioning them at the forefront of the industry. Prices for such wings start from 1000 euros. On the other hand, manufacturers with a kite/windsurfing background like F2, Ga Sails, Gun Sails, and BIC Boards offer wings made from cheaper materials, resulting in a 20-30% lower price. There are also young companies focused solely on wingfoil, such as HB surfing, KAULA, PPC, Gong, Takuma, Ulman, and Vayu, offering the most interesting price/quality ratio. Prices for their wings start from 500 euros.

    When choosing wings for beginners, it’s important to be cautious of old and worn wings. Beginners often seek cheap options, but it’s crucial to be attentive to the quality and condition of wings.

    Some beginners may be tempted by wings offered on Aliexpress with a free delivery, but before buying it’s important to ask questions about the seller, production, materials, guarantees, and shipping. The quality of these wings can vary, so it’s important to be vigilant.

    For beginners, it’s recommended to consider universal freeride wings until more beginner-friendly models become available.
    Freeride is a term that was taken from snowboarding and means riding without particular course or set of rules, just for fun.

    When choosing a wing, size is another important factor to consider. Wider wind ranges allow for more versatility in riding conditions. For beginners, a size of 5.0/6.0m is recommended due to its wide range of use from 5 m/s to 18 m/s.
    During very strong winds, it’s better for beginners to watch and learn from professional riders.


    In conclusion, taking the time to carefully consider price, brand, condition, type, and size will ultimately help beginners choose the best wingfoil wing to start their journey in the sport.


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