Windsurfing areas in DAHAB

    January 19, 2024

    Windsurf areas in Dahab

    In this article we will tell you about all the windsurfing areas in Dahab.


    The entire lagoon area is divided into three distinct sections:


    • the lagoon itself, which hosts the main surf centres 
    • a Speedy zone
    • a Wave zone (Kamikaze).


    The absence of waves, thanks to a large sand spit, as well as the smooth water and coast-directed wind, make the lagoon an ideal location for windsurfing training. The expansive shallow water area is convenient for water launches.






    For speed surfing lovers, there is a 2 kilometer-long section known as the Speedy zone that begins just behind the sand spit. Consistent and even wind conditions here provide ample opportunity for high-speed rides. Additionally, a specially constructed safety island in the Speedy zone offers a place for rest and reflection for those looking to take a break or celebrate their accomplishments.

    For those who enjoy wave riding beyond the reef in the open sea, there is a Wave zone which provides an exhilarating experience. Due to sufficiently large waves (1-2 meters), a far location from the stations and a difficult passage through the reefs, only real professionals ride here.


    Check the wind forecast HERE



    In the event of unforeseen situations, especially for beginners or those fatigued in the Lagoon area and the Speedy zone, a team of rescuers on boats is always there to help. However, there is no rescue service in the Wave zone. Due to the presence of various dangers such as sea urchins, corals, and stones on the seabed in the surfing areas, it is advisable to wear watershoes.




    Dahab experiences predominantly dry and hot weather, with very rare precipitation. In the summer, the gentle north wind prevents the atmosphere from becoming stifling. With approximately 70% of days being windy throughout the year, the destination is highly popular among wind and kitesurfing enthusiasts from around the globe.

    The area does not experience blown out surf. The tide causes the water level to fluctuate, but it seldom exceeds one meter. The water remains warm throughout the year, with temperatures typically around 23°C even in winter, and reaching up to about 28°C during the hotter summer months.

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